International Driver License Translations: Questions and Answers

There are many misconceptions and much misinformation about international driver's licenses translations. IDL-International has been providing International Driver's translations to international travelers since 1977. With over four decades' experience in the international driver's license translation industry we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to receive the International Driver's License Translation(IDL)?
    • We ship within 48 hours of order receipt. Completed Orders received by 2pm EST are processed and shipped the same day.
  • Can a person with a revoked or suspended license drive with an IDL?
    • Absolutely not! You must hold a valid Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) type license to drive abroad with the IDL.
  • What is an international drivers license translation?
    • An IDL is a translation booklet, carried with your actual government issued drivers license when driving outside of your home country enabling foreign officials to comprehend your actual state or nationally issued drivers license. An IDL grants no driving privileges of any kind as they are issued by travel agencies. Any entity suggesting otherwise should be avoided.
  • I received Email from a company stating I could avoid points, tickets, suspension, etc. by using an IDL. Is this true?
    • IDLs do not replace or supercede DMV type licenses. Those claims are totally untrue. (THINK ABOUT IT!)
  • In reference to the Honduran IDL: What documents must accompany it when driving in the USA?
    • A valid foreign DMV type drivers permit (license). This permit (license) is not supplied by IDL International.
  • Must I hold a passport to apply for the IDL?
    • No! IDL's are valid in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean where passports are not even required for non-business travel. You may also write in the passport number on the IDL after receiving your license.
  • Is any IDL ever valid alone?
    • IDLs are never valid alone OR in the country of issue. Attempting to drive ANYWHERE with only an IDL will no doubt result in a ticket for driving without a license!
  • In what format is the International Drivers License Translation issued?
    • Annex 10 of the UN Charter on Road Traffic clearly states that an International Drivers License Translation be issued in booklet form with pages of translation. The translation pages are the reason International Drivers Translations were created. Plastic ID card type licenses are not acceptable.
  • I noticed the flags on your website. Do these flags represent the only countries where the IDL is valid?
    • No. These flags are just for decoration. IDL's are valid in all member countries of the United Nations.
  • At what age may one apply for an international drivers translation?
    • 18 years of age.
  • Is there a test involved to obtain the IDL?
    • No. Your DMV type permit (license) from your home state or country confirms your ability and your right to drive abroad. However, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road when driving abroad and conform strictly with the local laws and regulations.
  • Which translations are provided with the IDL?
    • A French, Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.
  • What Privacy Policy does IDL International maintain?
    • After processing and shipping your IDL, ALL applications, copies of documents, even extra photos are shredded. In our files we only maintain your name, shipping address, and date your IDL was ordered. NEVER is your information shared with a third party.

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