International Drivers Permit Payment Options

Upon completion of our simple internationanl drivers permit online application, you have the option of providing us with your major credit card information and authorization or you may select to remit a check drawn on a US Bank or a money order by mail (US Funds only).

We ship within 48 hours!

We offer two ways to apply for your International Driving Permit

Use our Fast & Easy 3-step Online process:

  1. Complete and submit* the online application to get the process started
  2. Securely provide your credit card information for us to process.
  3. Scan ONE (1) passport style photo into a jpeg format image file and email it to us to be embedded into your license.

When you receive your international drivers permit document translation, you will be instructed to sign the original document.

OR Complete the Process by mail

If you prefer to submit your application and credit card information through the mail or want to pay the fee with a check or money order, then follow these steps:

  1. Complete and print the online application for your international driver's permit.
  2. Sign the release * on the application form and mail the signed form to us with your remittance or credit card information and authorization.
  3. INCLUDE ONE (1) passport style color photo with your application form to be embedded into your document.

When you receive your document translation, you will be instructed to sign the original document.

No Professional Passport Photo Required!

It is important that you submit your photo promptly. An actual passport type photo is great, but, if you have any nice clear color, straight forward photo in your files, that will work as well. We can photoshop vacation shots, business pictures, even a photo taken from the chest up against a light colored wall with a cell phone or digital camera works well. If you have a SmartPhone, just take a photo and email it to us!

We can even take you out of a picture with friends as long as heads are not too close. Don't worry about the size or cropping, we'll take care of that. Sending in a Jpeg is a must, so we can use a photo program to make the highest quality print for your document.

*If you prefer to submit your application by regular mail - we can do that too. Read more on submitting your application by regular mail.

*Applicants ordering our document must sign the release on the application page (either by initialing online or fully signing if applying by post). Orders received without a signature will be returned.

Release: I understand that this international driver's permit translation document is in no way intended to replace a suspended or revoked driver's license from the United States or any other country, and I am not applying for this translation document to use as such. I do further understand that this document translation will become null and void if a license is issued and the above is the actual Intention of the applicant. I further release IDL International, Inc. from any and all said liability caused by any misrepresentation on my part. I additionally release IDL International, Inc. from any and all liability caused by applicant's failure to comply with any local, state, national, or international law.

All orders are returned promptly. Translations are processed within 48 hours of receipt. Translations are gladly mailed abroad at no additional charge.

DESCRIPTION OF our document

Dimensions: 105 x 148 mm
Colors: cover: gray pages: white


We have never ourselves or been affiliated with anyone issuing plastic ID cards. These plastic cards offer no translation purpose; can't be used for anything; and in our opinion are simply construed as fake IDs.

Management of IDL International, Inc.

Questions you may have

  • Which translations are provided with the IDL?
    • Translations that your document will provide include French, Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.
  • What Privacy Policy does IDL International maintain?
    • After processing and shipping your IDL, ALL applications, copies of documents, even extra photos are shredded. In our files we only maintain your name, shipping address, and date your IDL was ordered. NEVER is your information shared with a third party.


Even though we provide a Japanese translation with our IDL, the Japanese, as they really don't like for any foreigners to drive a motor vehicle there, have changed their position stating that they prefer the IDL issued by AAA. Although we have had thousands of our clients use our documents in Japan, we would not want anyone to ever have a problem, so if the AAA option is available to you and Japan is your destination, you might want to go with them........
As of August 2018,the same applies to Korea. Thank you, Management IDL International

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Orders for International Drivers Permit or International Driving License Translation Documents from active military and military contractors receive priority handling and always ship first....

All major credit cards accepted for international drivers permit next day delivery.

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